What are the tasks of a proofreader?

What are the tasks of a proofreader?

It is not the role of a proofreader to create or rewrite documents (books, articles, academic texts, etc.). Its function is to make them more intelligible and accessible to the final consumer. During this process, the reviewer has two instances: in the first he is free and in the second he is subordinate to the author.

In other words, the proofreader is free to correct spelling and grammatical errors (primary correction), but, in order to eliminate philosophical or communication-related problems (secondary correction), he must first establish a dialogue with the author of the work ( in the form of comments).

A good proofreader does not take over any work submitted to him. No aggressive modifications should be made, before the author accepts his suggestion.

The proofreader should never try to “improve” any important part of a text based solely on his own conception. However, its role is fundamental, because it serves as a bridge between the author and the final reader. We usually say that, while the good reviewer has a “lovingly dispassionate” look, the author tends to see his work as visceral, so that any change can cause him discomfort. Thus, when he reviews a work, he anticipates and eliminates the possible problems that would otherwise be the target of criticism.

Doesn't the proofreader distort my style?

Perhaps it would be very unpleasant if a politician, at the time of his inauguration, submitted the text of his speech to a reviewer who disregarded his style. This would probably have a very negative impact, both for the politician and for his listeners, who would naturally be surprised by the speech of his representative, who, at that moment, was not expressing himself in his peculiar way.

Therefore, the good reviewer uses his creativity to keep the writer's style as original as possible. Each work is a speech. Therefore, every speech must incorporate the original style of its author.

The two types of writers ...

We think it is necessary to write this article because, as proofreaders, we are sometimes faced with two very different situations, both among themselves and in relation to what in fact should be expected of a proofreader.

These are the two types of misconceptions of writers when they want to hire the service for the first time:

1) the author is very “jealous” in relation to his work and, therefore, is insecure in face of the possibility of it becoming distorted

For our part, rest assured. We are a team of professional proofreaders. Our mission is to examine your work and free it from possible obstacles that may harm it - always with due care not to attack the essence of your text.

2) the author was not satisfied with what he wrote and, therefore, wants the reviewer to make it more interesting

As proofreaders, what we can do is ascertain the completeness of your text and correct the problems of intelligibility. If your goal is to complete your text or rewrite it in order to make it more interesting, in fact you need a copywriter or a ghostwriter .

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